Forex Learning - Forex Books - What to Buy?

By James Roshwood

If you go to any book retailer today, even the smallest local shop, you are likely to be able to see a choice of forex books. If you visit a larger retailer or an online store such as Amazon, the selection is much greater and it can be quite overwhelming experience to know what to choose for your library.
So how much information do you need as a forex trader, and can you even get this type of forex learning from a book?

The principal item to look out for when you are choosing from the selection of foreign exchange books is that you want a book that is up to date. There are some forex trading classics that were written back in the days when you had to have several thousands of dollars or to be working in a bank in order to trade foreign exchange.
Those may still hold some interest for the professional trader, but they are not necessarily the best choice for a beginner. 

The web has transformed online foreign exchange trading and has produced a vast number of small time retail traders operating from home, often in their spare leisure time.
If you are one of that type, you will have different wants and needs in terms of trading and forex learning than the experienced professional fx trader of ten or twenty years ago. 

So that is the first point, look for something written recently, and something that addresses your own situation, according to whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader looking for new systems or more tips to enhance your forex learning experience.

Next you should think about the author. You would assume that all would be written by experienced and successful traders, but that is not necessarily the case. The authors might be professional writers commissioned to write about forex trading but without much practical experience of it, or they might be involved as a broker or in some other way on the fringes of the currency trading world.
However, you are likely to get better tips from a genuine trader who has been in your situation and made a success of it, so look for something practical, even if the author might not be the best writer.

Whichever you choose, ensure that it covers the essential subject of risk management head on. This is something that many forex traders neglect, but it can make the difference between boom and bust for our funds.
You may wish to think about buying a forex eBook rather than a traditional printed book. These tend to be shorter, without the fluff, and much more practical. It is human nature to assume that bigger means better and to want more pages for your buck, but in fact, the opposite is often true.
So that is the main thing, look for something written relatively recently, and something that will address your own circumstances, according to whether you are a new starter or an experienced fx trader looking for new trading systems or more tips to benefit your forex education.
An eBook of 50 to 100 pages, full of step by step practical trading information, may be much more use to you than a whole library of 400 page printed forex books.
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